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Sabadille Systems Announces Latest Versions of CardFocus Photo ID Software With Integrated Support for Biometrics
CardFocus now includes biometric data capture and authentication

April 21, 2003 - Sabadille Systems has announced the release of the much anticipated Version 3 editions of its CardFocus software suite, the identity card design and printing software.

CardFocus Version 3 boasts a unique new graphical user interface that is ergonomically designed so that customers benefit from maximum ease-of-use.

Additional enhancements provided by this revised new version of CardFocus include multi-card design, biometric data capture and authentication, and simplified client networking for multi-station environments such as schools and universities.

With this release, CardFocus also offers the advantage of an enhanced barcode facility with 2-Dimensional barcodes for photos/signatures/fingerprints, coupled with more flexible directory structuring for out-of-database file storage.

Among the new features now included in CardFocus is a simplified utility for writing data to smart cards. Users can now more easily encode photographs, fingerprints and signatures for writing to contact and contactless smart cards.

As with previous versions, users can use this familiar software coupled with industry standards to easily connect to existing ODBC-compliant databases enabling them to rapidly design and print identity cards and badges with their existing data.

"These new releases serve to reconfirm that CardFocus is the ideal software solution for identity cards of every nature. The powerful new capabilities and enhanced functionality packed into CardFocus, demonstrate Sabadille’s ongoing commitment to excellence in both technological innovation and responding to customer requirements, extending the already broad marketability of CardFocus," said John Slattery, managing director of Sabadille Systems.

About Sabadille Systems
Sabadille Systems is a growing Irish company, focused on developing into a leading producer of software products for the plastic card issuance and identity management solutions market. Founded in 1997, the company provided marketing consultancy and business development expertise to CSK Software in Dublin, Ireland, before embarking on product development for an increasingly digital world. 

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