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Since the events of September 11 and subsequent terrorist activities, corporations have placed a renewed emphasis on trying to control entry to their workplaces. As a result, conventional security measures offered by identity cards are now being enhanced by the addition of biometric data. 

Biometrics – the process of using the unique physical features or characteristics of a person to confirm identity – has been around for quite a few years in various forms. The most familiar mode is photographs on identity cards. 

Developing technologies have made possible ways to affordably and effectively employ the newest of biometric security on identity cards. The commonplace photograph can now be supplemented with fingerprint and signature data for authentication of card holders.

Just as with photographs, CardFocus enables the capture of fingerprints and signatures through compatible capture devices. This biometric data can be stored in databases and printed on identity cards. Through CardFocus, a user can capture a fingerprint and search all data in a database for a record with a matching fingerprint. Similarly, CardFocus offers fingerprint authentication.


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