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Sabadille Systems Announces Latest Versions Of CardFocus Photo ID And Card Management Software With Mobile Computing Support
Company releases latest versions of CardFocus Photo ID Software Systems

February 3, 2004 - Sabadille Systems Limited, the software company behind the critically acclaimed CardFocus Family of Products, today announced a new edition of its existing photo ID and card management software suite. CardFocus Version 5 expands the product offering to include even more advanced features such as mobile database technology, an operator trace facility, a postcode lookup facility, advanced reporting and photo ID reject processing.

Until now, identity card solutions have generally been limited to centralized systems, lacking the functionality for capturing data and issuing cards in the field. With CardFocus, users will be able to benefit from the many advantages that mobile computing offers to photo ID applications with the inbuilt mobile database technology. Through CardFocus, users are now mobile-enabled, capturing data and issuing cards at customer sites, while periodically synchronizing mobile photo ID databases with a central master database.

In addition to the new mobile computing features, CardFocus Version 5 provides users with enhanced photo ID database import and export integration tools and a secure logging facility for critical operator actions. Also, a new postcode lookup facility integrates with 3rd party software to provide comprehensive address lookup and NHS codes from the Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File and Postzon File. Using this facility, UK operators benefit from rapid address entry, address verification, postcoding, NHS administration and mapping of existing data.

“The new mobile database technology coupled with the other advanced features enable enterprises to increase productivity, reduce costs, and in particular increase customer service,” said John Slattery, managing director of Sabadille Systems. “We find that the needs of today’s security professionals are becoming more and more complex and Sabadille continues to be a leader in responding to these needs, delivering maximum flexibility and performance through advanced features in the CardFocus photo ID solution.”

About Sabadille Systems
Headquartered near Toulouse, France, Sabadille Systems is a leading company in the production of software products for the plastic card issuance and identity management solutions market. Founded in 1997 to provide consultancy and business development expertise, the company quickly embarked on product development for an increasingly security-conscious world.

The CardFocus family of products, produced by Sabadille Systems, offers a comprehensive range of photo identity and visitor management software solutions that are powerful, yet simple to learn and loaded with useful features. While providing excellent value in software, CardFocus is so flexible that it improves the issuance and management of advanced photo identity cards for virtually any size and kind of organization. 

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